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B2SP is practical and goal oriented, a guaranteed succes!

Giel Swager tells:

DexterMedical has developed the i.BEEP Infusion Monitor, a innovative device combining two new features to make gravity infusion systems safer. Firstly, the i.BEEP notifies nursing staff when fluid bags are near-empty. This helps solving the often occurring time management problem of nurses, leading to empty infusions bags and the subsequent potential health risks for the patient. Secondly, the i.BEEP is equipped with a patented drip guidance system that gives nurses automated instructions for adjusting the flow rate of the infusion, whatever the prescribed dose for a patient is. This solves the recurrent problem of complex flow rate calculations and the resulting flow speed errors. The i.BEEP infusion monitor is highly sensitive, microprocessor controlled that monitors all critical variables for precise use of gravity infusion systems.

Business to Science Portal (B2SP) has matched DexterMedical to Carool Terilinck of TNO Prevention and Care and to Rob Posthumus of Erasmus Medical Centre. Both of them are authorities in the fields of our questions. Contact with them gave us the answers we were looking for.

B2SP furthermore opens doors that otherwise would have stayed closed. Organisations that are connected to the portal have committed themselves to contribute in innovations. They recognize the value of innovative start up companies. B2SP gives access to people within these knowledge institutes and helps a start up company to get in at the right level.

The success of B2SP depends on the people that are working for it. As an entrepreneur, you need an intermediary who listens, who understands the question en who has the seniority to reach an extended network. We are very satisfied with the work the business scout of B2SP did for us.


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